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Below you can find the summary, or abstract, for the MovereFit concept.
The purpose of Movere Fit is to guide all students to become athletically fit while they achieve academic success in the classroom. 2015: 10 Sep. Chaddock-Heyman L. have “demonstrated that higher fit children showed increased gray matter thickness in superior frontal cortex, superior temporal areas, and lateral occipital cortex, coupled with better mathematics achievement, compared to lower fit children.”

That is, the physiology of the brain begins to change when a student becomes physically fit and as a result academic achievement seems to be influenced. In addition, Movere fit independent observations indicate, on average, that athletically fit students show a higher grade point average (GPA) by being in the fit zone. The fit zone is determined by a compilation of nationally recognized strength and conditioning assessments. These assessment tests follow strict testing protocols and are supervised by a certified physical fitness specialist in the student’s physical education classes.

The assessment results performed by each student are entered into the Movere Fit data app. The data app tracks State performance indicators such as GPA, fitness levels, and analyzes them with the Movere Fit assessment scoring system. These performance indicators are retained in the students’ Movere Fit individual portfolios for teachers, administrators, parents or other professionals to review and analyze to determine that the students’ performance goals and overall health are being met. It also evaluates and ranks groups, classes and individuals for a detailed analysis and comparison for all students participating in the program.

The element of competition within the program encourages top performances and is used as a tool in determining the fittest groups and students as well as the Scholar Athletes of the year.

The Movere Fit data app also automatically calculates student assessment percentages along with a bar graph analysis and prepares it for PE teachers to submit for student grade. In conclusion, the Movere Fit program has shown that GPA’s increase, fitness levels increase, energy, motivation and confidence increase and body fat decreases.

“higher fit children showed increased gray matter thickness in superior frontal cortex, superior temporal areas, and lateral occipital cortex,…”Chaddock Heyman

Tested were 162 seventh and eighth grade girls between the ages of 12-14 and 21 seventh and eighth grade boys between the ages of 12-14 throughout the school year. The assessments included anthropometry measurements, speed, agility, power, strength, endurance, flexibility, anaerobic capacity, aerobic capacity and grade point average. . It was determined that those students that were ranked in the top 20th percentile had a higher average GPA then those in any other percentile “bands”. The following percentiles were as follows; 20th percentile 3.36 GPA, 40th percentile 2.70 GPA, 60th percentile 2.50 GPA, 80th percentile was 2.62 GPA and the 100th percentile was 2.27 GPA. The graph below gives an example of the top 10 leaders of the 183 tested in the program.


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